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Maps like Warmtic, Coalplant, and Borneo were added into the survey. You can still go back to your survey and edit your responses.

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HL Season 2

Week 3 - Ashville

Match Date
01/28/2019 09:30 PM EST
Default Date
01/28/2019 09:30 PM EST

Away 0.60

Match Comms


exa_ Admin
 01/25/2019 04:41 AM EST
This is Week 3, this map is a bit less played but is still loved by most: koth_ashville_rc1
(First to 4 pts) (exec rgl_hl_koth)

Use this to coordinate any ringers or concerns you have with the match in order to properly document your needs. Without proper documentation it makes our jobs as an admin much harder, and we want to be as fair as possible in the spirit of competition.

If you have anything that is sensitive or extremely important do not hesitate to message your division admin in discord or steam, found on the league table. The help channel in discord is also a very good option.

Good luck and have fun!

charles - Humphrey's DayCare
 01/28/2019 09:26 PM EST

charles Auto Generated - Humphrey's DayCare
 01/28/2019 10:13 PM EST
Match score submitted. Final score
Humphrey's DayCare: 2.4