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Maps like Warmtic, Coalplant, and Borneo were added into the survey. You can still go back to your survey and edit your responses.

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HL Season 2

Playoffs 1 - Quarterfinals

Match Date
03/04/2019 09:30 PM EST
Default Date
03/04/2019 09:30 PM EST

Home 1.00
Away 2.00

Match Comms


Dimento Admin
 02/28/2019 07:03 PM EST
Due to a team dying before the beginning of playoffs we had to restructure the Top and Bottom two seeds.

You will an extension, and have until Saturday Night at 8:00pm EST to make your picks and bans.

The maps that can be picked and banned are the following:
Koth: Product, Lakeside, Ashville
Stopwatch: Upward, Borneo, Swiftwater, Steel

Pick/ban order will be:
Away bans,
Home bans then picks,
Away picks then bans,
Home picks.

If you have any questions please message Exa or Myself directly! Good luck and have a blast!

Dimento Admin
 02/28/2019 07:13 PM EST
I apologize to both teams for having to redo this section of the Main Playoffs. A team died on us, and this is an event we cannot predict but we want to remain as fair and competitive as possible and give the teams the seeds they deserve. I hope you'll understand and please ask either myself, Exa, Aad, or Witness any questions or concerns you may have. Enjoy your match this Monday.

Saturation - [NEW MIC]
 02/28/2019 07:39 PM EST
ban swfitwater

Constantly - Never Knows Best
 02/28/2019 07:57 PM EST
we pick borneo and ban steel

Saturation - [NEW MIC]
 02/28/2019 08:31 PM EST
pick product ban upward

Constantly - Never Knows Best
 02/28/2019 09:58 PM EST
we pick ashville

Saturation Auto Generated - [NEW MIC]
 03/04/2019 11:20 PM EST
Match score submitted. Final score
Never Knows Best: 1