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- Roster Locks happen on November 11th -
- Roster sizes are 18

HL Season 3


Match Date
06/17/2019 09:30 PM EDT
Default Date
06/17/2019 09:30 PM EDT

Match Comms


exa_ Admin
 06/16/2019 11:19 PM EDT
Welcome to Week 3 of RGL HL Season 3. The map played this week will be Cascade.

The config you will want to use for your scrims and match will be "exec rgl_hl_koth".

Please remember that every match server is required to have the Uber Saving medic plugin, it is both teams responsibility to make sure the server you play on has this feature in order to avoid issues during pauses.

This match will be played in a best of seven, so the first team to win two full halves (4 full rounds) will win the match. A half consists of attacking (blue) and defending (red).

For picking sides,
The Home team will select which side they want for the 1st half.
For the 2nd half you will switch sides, so if you attacked first on the first half then you will defend first for the 2nd half.
The Away team will select which side they want for the 3rd half (if needed).

Good luck and have fun this week, please let your division admin know if you have any questions!

Barry the Cuda - Finely Aged Memes
 06/17/2019 05:04 PM EDT
Hello, We will not be using ringers, and are prepared to start the match on-time, at 9:30 pm EST, as is standard. Thanks!

Barry the Cuda - Finely Aged Memes
 06/17/2019 05:52 PM EDT
We MIGHT need an engineer ringer. If we do, we have a couple of people in mind at ~open level. It's still unsure if our main can make it, but if he can't, we will post our ringer's information here.

zonemaster95 - Pans And Bricks
 06/17/2019 07:14 PM EDT
I do have a ringer for the match tonight. They will be a engi ringer here is there RGL link and steam link.



If there any problem let me know mate

zonemaster95 - Pans And Bricks
 06/17/2019 08:12 PM EDT
Nevermind are engi can make it to the match now we wont need a ringer as for now but I will have him on stand by just to be safe. Just a heads up.

Barry the Cuda - Finely Aged Memes
 06/17/2019 08:24 PM EDT
Your ringer is approved.

Barry the Cuda Auto Generated - Finely Aged Memes
 06/17/2019 10:02 PM EDT
Match score submitted. Final score
Finely Aged Memes: 0.0
Pans And Bricks:3.0