- Experimental HL Cup #2 signups are now live here @ exp.rgl.gg.
- If you have not received your Season 1 RGL HL or Experimental Cup #1 medal, please post a message in the #help channel on our RGL HL Discord
- Team rosters sizes are 18. Season 3 to start on May 27th.

Sixes - RGL - No Restriction Sixes

Season Div Team End Rank Record
Amt Won Joined Left
MM Sixes #1 Div-2 Foulplay / 9 (3 - 3) 2/16/2019

Discipline History

Group Active When Until Why
RGL 3/17/2019 6/16/2019 Usage of a racial slur during a match. This ban extends for the first several weeks going into S3 of HL.