- Team roster sizes are 18
- Roster locks will happen on July 8th -
- If you wish to be scheduled, please get nine rostered players. We will continue to schedule new teams during the season.

Prolander - RGL - NA One Day Cup

Season Div Team End Rank Record
Amt Won Joined Left
One Day Cup #2 Div-2 of 4 idksomegarbage 5 / 8 (1 - 2) 5/18/2018 5/21/2018

Discipline History

Group Active When Until Why
RGL 5/21/2018 12/1/2018 Almost every single log from the One Day Cup #2, is filled with toxic behavior through out the cup.
RGL 11/9/2018 9/1/2019 Played on another players account in an RGL official while be banned
RGL 9/1/2019 12/31/2019 Used alt account for one match during the Exp Cup.