RGL HL Season 3 Postseason Survey

RGL HL Season 4 Advanced/Invite Survey

Maps like Warmtic, Coalplant, and Borneo were added into the survey. You can still go back to your survey and edit your responses.

Closes -

Prolander - RGL - NA One Day Cup

Season Div Team End Rank Record
Amt Won Joined Left
NA One Day Cup #4 Div-2 of 5 Sigafoo's Saiyans 9 / 10 (1 - 3) 1/26/2019 1/27/2019

Discipline History

Group Active When Until Why
RGL 3/13/2019 3/13/2020 Cheating
RGL 4/21/2019 4/21/2021 Player remains to be cheating even after the ban has been issued. Duration of the ban has been extended.