- Team roster sizes are 18. Season 3 has been postponed and will start on June 3rd.

Please get nine rostered players by Tuesday, May 28th. - We will release match schedules for ready teams the following day.


Tilt Breakers


  Name Joined Left
Leader serenity (Spy) 4/13/2019
Leader Miiukade (Engi) 4/15/2019
Leader Kanye (Soldier) 4/15/2019
beatrice (Sniper) 4/15/2019
frog (RR) 5/4/2019
Yaeng (Demo) 5/7/2019
Jaden (Medic) 5/7/2019
AstronomyTwin (Heavy) 5/2/2019
Lad Duck (Scout) 5/12/2019
NerfYinYang 5/15/2019
Spark (All-Class Sub) 4/26/2019 5/4/2019
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