- Team roster sizes are 18. Season 3 has been postponed and will start on June 3rd.

Please get nine rostered players by Tuesday, May 28th. - We will release match schedules for ready teams the following day.


Energetic Rabid Panthers


  Name Joined Left
Leader Bhrek 4/19/2019
Leader Sanaka 4/19/2019
Leader Kugelweber 4/20/2019
Duck 4/19/2019
Gepicc 4/19/2019
Sans Almighty 4/22/2019
liatrus 5/21/2019
plague doctor 4/19/2019
Sanchez of the Filth 4/19/2019
The Knight of Cydonia 4/19/2019
Dick Richard Johnson 4/19/2019
rrADIO 5/6/2019
Squid 5/6/2019
goosea 5/23/2019
Normal | trade.tf 4/19/2019 5/25/2019
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