- If you wish to be scheduled, please get nine rostered players. We will continue to schedule new teams during the season.
- Open registration will be open for several more weeks.
NOTICE: Open scheduling for week 3 will be delayed until week 2 matches are finished.

RGL-Invite Week 3 (Cascade)

Invidus vs The Specimens

Stream Date: Monday 9:30 PM Eastern -
Watch Live @ twitch.tv/RGLgg


Bruh Gang

Roster Team Size: 6

  Name Joined Left
Leader PlayerBlu 6/10/2019
Chef Boyardee 6/10/2019
z0mbies4U 6/11/2019
Papa_Noel 6/12/2019
ChozoChorizo 6/13/2019
bookcaseninja 6/12/2019
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